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There's a place for everyone!  Click HERE to view Caleb's overview of our Coffee shop teams.  Email if you'd like to join a team (any age except for Barista/Food Service is 15 1/2 and up)

We'll update our Team calendar as trainings are scheduled:

Introduction to Baking/Cooking:  We'll get an introduction to baking and cooking in a commercial setting.  Joshua Frias will be our guest instructor.  Josh graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and is currently the Sous Chef at Naples Ristorante in Downtown Disney.

Introduction to Social Media:  Mrs. Miller will share tips and tricks for sharing our Coffee Shop on social media.  We'll discuss marketing, our target audience and how we can effectively use social media to promote our business.

Barista Training:  Learn how to make all of the coffee drinks on our menu.  Barista, Tyler Brown, will train the team on how to coffee beans, proper grinding, using the espresso machine and brewing and measuring coffee.  Tyler Brown spent the last 2 years working in the coffee shop at Murrieta Bible College.  Tyler was also the head barista at a coffee shop off campus.  Tyler's passion are serving in youth ministry and COFFEE!

Customer Service:  Learn how to interact with and serve your customer.  We'll learn the basics of being a good employee and in turn providing exceptional customer care.

The Financial Side of Coffee:  Learn the basics of using Excel and Quickbooks.  Get an overview of how to track financial data and understand the basics of accounting (and how it relates to the financial viability of our coffee shop).  

Webpage & Graphic Design:  Learn how to update the webpage and create designs/graphics for the school, coffee shop, web and social media.  Learn the basics of designing wall art, flyers and invitations for our school.

Internship with Lompoc Homeschool: We'll learn how to serve our homeschool community as we update the webpage and calendars, help plan events, coordinate building use, answer phones and emails and create and coordinate volunteer lists.  All Coffee Shop & Escape Room employees will assist with homeschool activities during "down time" on their shift.

Mandatory Employee/Internship Training: Once construction is complete we'll have a 2 hour training on working in the Coffee Shop/School.  Baristas will be required to an additional online training for food service.